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Hobart University is one of the two main campuses of the University of Tasmania, the other campus located in Newnham. A smaller campus is located in Cradle Coast, reserved for freshmen in the area who want to complete their first year without moving to the city centre.

The university was founded in 1890, making it the fourth oldest university in Australia. The original campus was in Queen's Bay, Hobart, and in the early 1940s the campus moved to its current location at Sandy Bay to accommodate the growing number of students. Fifty years later, the university merged with the Tasmanian State Institute of Technology, which would later become the Newnham campus.

Today, the Hobart campus is home to six academic faculties and 38 schools. It offers one of the most diverse programme lineups in Tasmania, with courses from a wide range of academic fields. It has over 16,000 students, mostly coming from Australia and Asia. This makes it one of the largest academic communities in the country.


The University has a comprehensive network of nine libraries, six of which are at the Hobart campus. Each library is dedicated to a specific area of study, including music, arts, science, social sciences, medicine, and law. All the libraries have access to electronic resources in all the campuses. The library system is most noted for its digital thesis repository, where theses written by students and professors from the undergraduate to the postgraduate levels are accessible in portable document format (PDF).

The science departments have laboratories equipped with advanced instrumentation for chemical, optical, and clinical research, while the visual and performing arts units have sculpture studios, art galleries, and theatre companies, all of which organise public exhibits and performances all year round. The computer science school has state-of-the-art computer laboratories, including PC labs running on Windows XP, Mac labs for Mac OS-X 10.4 platforms, and networking and Unix systems.

Famous Students

Hobart University and the rest of the University of Tasmania have produced some outstanding students who have gone one to make their mark in their respective fields. Hobart graduates have excelled in science, history, arts, law, and many other fields.

Acclaimed corporate lawyer Val Smith graduated from the university with a degree in Commerce in 1958 and earned a degree in Law three years later. Smith now heads the Roadways Ltd. and Cuthbertson Holdings, two of Australia's leading firms.

George Nichols, former director-general of the National Archives in Australia, earned an honours degree from the University in 1966. He has also worked in different positions at the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet.

David Green, who graduated with a First Class honours degree from the university in 1957, was awarded the Murchison Medal in 2000 by the Geological Society of London for his pioneering work on petrology and lunar geology.

Students interested in studying at Hobart can find all they need to know at the University of Tasmania website. The website provides information specific to the Hobart, Newnham and Cradle Coast campuses. An explanation of the admissions process and requirements can be found at the Future Students section.

If you have specific questions regarding admission, or have already applied and would like to know the status of your application, you can call the university's admission office at +1 300 363 864. They are open on weekdays during regular terms and can give you information on specific requirements, application timetables, and examination and interview schedules.

Prospective students who need help choosing a programme to apply to can ask for advice at the Course Enquiries section. You can send your questions to course.info@admin.utas.edu.au. You can also view course lists for each academic unit at the university website.

If you are interested in a particular programme or course and would like to know more, you can call the university's general enquiries number at (03) 6226 2999. They will usually direct you to the right department, where you can request more information.

Contact Hobart University of Tasmania:
Address: Student Services Centre, University of Tasmania, Churchill Avenue, Sandy Bay, Hobart, Private Bag 49, Hobart, Tasmania (TAS), 7001, Australia
Tel: + 61 (0)3 6226 2999
Fax: +61 (0)3 6226 2018
Email: admissions@utas.edu.au
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